why it’s important to say ‘i love you’

though we may not know it, but today could be our last day on this world. we have been blessed every day in the fact that we are still in one piece breathing the same air we were born into. now i know saying ‘i love you has many different meanings, but nevertheless, it does mean something. i’m the kind of person who will say ‘i love you’ to anyone. for me it’s a gesture, one that says, “yes, i do care about you even if you aren’t my significant other”. why? because it’s okay to. i don’t care if people say it’s too early to express love towards people you just met. you never know if you’ll become best pals one day. and for sure you never know if today could be your last day with them. i encourage everyone to express love towards people because they are important whether you know it or not.

i was always that girl to tell any person that i cared about them because i knew if i didn’t, they would never know how i felt and that would drive my crazy! good thing we are all friends now πŸ™‚

i challenge y’all to tell people you love them. do it for them. do it for you. people appreciate those who are compassionate.


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