san francisco adventures

this saturday a few friends and i went to meet up with another friend in san francisco. since we all go to different colleges (sad day) we really wanted to reunite in one of our favorite places.

we woke up super early (5 a.m. is not a suggested time..) drove to the bus station (megabus is the way to go!) and headed to the bay area. after arriving half an hour early we sat in union square for a good half hour. it was quite chilly since we had transitioned from 100 degree weather to 66 degree weather. me being the smartest, wore a shirt with holes in the fron and a knitted sweater; what would i do if i lived in a cold state?!
after going back and forth all day (the zig-zag consisted of union square, chinatown, little italy and pier 39) we hopped onto bart and headed to berkeley; the last time i was on bart was in 6th grade! after touring our friend’s apartment and her new man (p.s. they’re adorable) we of course got only the best gelato and more coffee for the ride home. when it was time to sleep on the ride home, of course three rowdy guys decided to sit behind us, which for once, was not exciting…

even though it was only a day trip, i had the best time. when it comes down to it, the people are the ones who make your trip. i can’t imagine going on this adventure with anyone (though another visit there doesn’t sound too shabby). i love these girls with all of my heart.


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