what working at a hardware store has taught me

like every other person my age, i needed to get a summer job in order to support myself during the school year, blah blah blah nobody cares. okay well, i was sooo fortunate to land a job at emigh hardware down the street from my house (thanks Jesus!). like many curious people, yes, hardware tools and gadgets have nothing to do with my fashion major at scad, but that’s besides the point. i actually think this job has been quite useful since some of these things are for things for around a house (kind of like house lessons for the future..future housewives/plumber/construction worker, eh?) i always learn something new at this place; something interesting and others just plain useless and unnecessary.

1. i really really like the people i work with. no joke, like seriously there isn’t one person who i couldn’t stand! everyone is so kind and really helpful considering they know how confusing and hard learning about what everything is. the great thing about where i work is that there is a mix of younger and older people. i’ve made friends my age as well as those older. i will miss them all dearly when i leave (since i see them everyday!). like i’ve always said: i won’t miss the place, i’ll miss the people.

2. the majority of our customers are elderly people (not saying it’s only them of course). some are nice and some are not so nice. and some are just plain right creepy.

3. being a girl my age working at a hardware store has its challenges, especially if you are single, like to wear makeup or are just naturally nice to everyone. there have been some situations where customers have been unkind, rude and even offensive because they are older (…not necessarily wiser) and have very little of a filter or have nothing better to do. those situations have definitely made me uncomfortable and emotionally unsteady but it helps to have co-workers whom you are close to to give you the emotional support needed.

4. i seriously have never seen so many screws in my entire lifetime. we have this room called the ‘cutting room’ where literally every knob, screw, nail, etc exists. i really respect those guys who have to know what each piece and its purpose is cuz i can barely find where the gate locks are located let alone a 3/4″ washer for the faucet is…

overall, i can say this summer has been an adventure here at emigh’s. being this summer might be my only full summer left, i hope to keep in touch with those whom i got close with, and i can’t wait to visit y’all in the winter πŸ™‚


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