plaid on plaid on stripes

so i’m just sitting here on the dining table, wearing a plaid shirt, plaid pjs and striped, never mind… listening to spotify winding down from possibly one of the most frustrating/stressful days at work thinking about the end of summer and another beginning as i semi-pack my way through the week. many people have been asking me if i will miss summer/am i ready to go back to school. here’s me answer to them: sorta and heck yea! in all honesty, summer has been great, but i’m ready to indulge myself into art, into the creative scene again. i miss those who have inspired me mentally and physically. i’m ready to work on only art (well in for fall quarter it’ll be textiles, speech and business)…but it’s still exciting!

i have met some incredible people this summer and i wish them nothing but the best, and hope to keep in touch…coffee date, eh? as i scroll through instagram i see many people hanging out with the same group from high school. i get it. y’all are still close. in some cases, actually most, many of us grow apart. there are friends that i’ve hung out with more than once, whom i’ve enjoyed the company dearly. i hope that they are the ones i see throughout the years. it’s hard to keep everyone as your friend. is it your fault? no. like i said, people change and there’s no way of stopping it. sometimes God makes plans we are used to…(actually that’s true pretty much 99% of the time).

anyways, here’s to new beginnings, again. i can’t wait to see my friends at school. to hear about their stories. i can’t wait to meet more people (i live off of meeting and getting to know people), sorry, i can’t help myself!

oh yeah, i should probably quit “planning to pack” and get off my ass and actually do it. here’s to summer’s 0% of motivation.


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