back on that blog hype

Since I don’t have many followers, the accountability to maintain this baby is super low and as you can see…has gone nowhere in 5 months. 5 MONTHS GUYS SINCE MY LAST POST. That’s absurd! Now that it’s officially 2015, I guess I could try to reinvent this blog. I am currently writing this post as further procrastination on reading my Survey of Art History book. We all know (sorry for those arthist majors!) that this subject can get a little boring a little too fast. However, I will say that it is a step up from Ancient Egyptian Art (fewer anonymous artists and more story…yay!).

Anyways, this quarter I am taking an art history class, fibers drawing and design (wait, I didn’t tell you guys when I made THE SWITCH…post idea!) and French Literature. Looking back at my very last post I said how I was super excited to start my sophomore year in the fall and well, things went severely wrong. I ended up hating my Intro to Textile Design class and struggled throughout the entire quarter. Katie lost it for a few months and literally needed the six week winter break to recover. Now that fall quarter of my sophomore year was terrible, I hope it’s the only bad quarter I will have this year. It is said that every year there is a terrible quarter so fingers crossed that it has already passed.

Hardly do I ever make New Year Resolutions 1) because I really suck at keeping them and 2) …yeah I’ve got nothing else… BUT…this year I promised myself one thing for the new year. I promised myself that I would take better care of my body. Last quarter I pulled way way too many all nighters and filled whatever room I had left with caffeine (I would drink coffee at 10 at night so I could be energized through the night…not good).

So here on this blog I promise two things 1) blog at least once a week; if I am really on top of it, then twice a week and 2) to be completely honest with you as a reader. I am a 19 year old trying to get my shiz together and I am taking you along with me 🙂


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