it’s been a long time coming

three weeks does fly by. three weeks is enough to say you’ve shared memories with the ones you love. three weeks is enough to say that it’s time. time to go back to routine. time to get back into motion. leaving home is always bittersweet as i live across the country but i’m always excited for the adventures ahead and grateful for the memories created. a lot has happened in three weeks. thank you to my family for your equal desire for adventure. thank you for including me on these trips; for making it seem as if 7 months away was nothing. i will always love you no matter where life takes me. i pray that the Lord guides you in your future. that he fulfills your life with the same love and support you have provided me with. thank you thank you thank you.

i will post separate posts for each trip/place we visited in order to divide the millions of photos taken during each one. however, i find that the best way to keep up is by following me on instagram: katieywong (since photos take up space)



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