homebound//california: monterey bay & aquarium

since we were making our way along the coast, it was only tradition to stop in monterey. tradition, of course, includes going to the monterey bay aquarium. we go every time we are in monterey…creatures of the ocean never get boring. some of my family’s favorite exhibits include whale watching out in the bay itself, the jelly room and the gigantic tanks that contain a little bit of everything (sharks, turtles, fish, etc.) my personal favorite is the jelly room. most of the time our family divides into groups (mom & L…H and me). H and i always run to the jelly room and shoot a bunch of photos. i will never get tired of staring at jellyfish. we also go through the exhibit twice because it’s so good. we spotted five whales (more like their tales but so what!) they say that the whales have been coming closer to the shore/aquarium for some reason that i forgot. the aquarium always have presentations about different species so we sat in for the sea otter (wow, can i have one?!), great white shark, and deep sea creatures (i may have dozed off…it was a long day!)

i think the best monterey story was during the first night that were in town. we were looking for a place to eat and of course since we adventure until it’s pitch black we always end up eating so late. most restaurants were closed except this high end italian place. all four of us were outside reading the menu debating if it was worth $13 for that bowl of clam chowder or not. we finally decided that we had no other choice so we yanked the door open except that the door was locked and even though there were still people in the restaurant, they had been closed for a good half hour and had been staring at us contemplate the whole time…such nice people…we just laughed because we were embarrassed but what can we say? if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry in the end we ended up finding a better place (right across the street, oops) and so glad we did because it was so so good.

IMG_4491 IMG_4458 IMG_4453 IMG_4440 IMG_4434 IMG_4393 IMG_4369IMG_4423

(excuse the blurry pics, it’s hard to capture moving creatures..)


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