homebound//california: we found the center of california

we found the exact center of california, i repeat we found the exact center of california! after we visited yosemite, we drove around the area (bass lake, resigner lake, lakes, mountains and more lakes) and for some reason we ended up driving down this sketchy unpaved and probably not the safest road. my family has a tendency to take the road less traveled, but hey, that’s why i love them. there were signs that said we would end up at a lake in 6 miles but honestly, water was no where in sight. trying to turn around on a narrow road in a honda odyssey is not easy so we had to keep going straight (i like playing the straight game!). there were no signs warning us but all of the sudden we see a plaque that says:


i mean is that insane or what?! people, this road is sketchy…how on earth did we find this?! of course out came the cameras (dangit, where is that selfie stick?) eventually we reached the bottom of the mountain and reached lake redinger, which is probably the only lake that hasn’t dried up yet…poor california, this drought really stinks…so many lakes are close to becoming non-existent.

IMG_4979 IMG_4982 IMG_5009 IMG_5010 IMG_5038


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