homebound//california: yosemite

okay so we made our way down the coast so now it was our turn to make it to the mountains. off to yosemite! my mom had never heard of airbnb before and i had used it for my trip to nashville and will be using it again for my trip to new york. we thought it would be fun to try it for the family of four (poor dad had to work) and stayed in a 70’s/80’s trailer (ooh what fun!) H and L hadn’t stayed in a trailer before so it was quite the experience for them. we were located in north folk which is about an hour away from yosemite. this was nice because we got to explore the areas around it. the property that the trailer was on had a tennis court and cute dogs that L loved playing with (often times we didn’t see her for a good two/three hours). mom and i also had our games of tennis. she had played for a while and i had played during high school and ended up loving it so much that i tried out for SCAD’s team but decided i wasn’t ready to commit to that AND start college (i mean, those are pretty serious things).

thankfully my dad had a couple of days off so he went ahead and drove to see us! we went to yosemite that day and wow, it was absolutely wonderful. the drive there is a bit winding but by that trip, we had already combatted the coast roads so it was nothing new. when were at the lookout we decided to be cool kids (mom, L and me) and go beyond the fences overlooking the valley…so fences are there for a reason…but we found a teeny tiny trail that led to this big fallen tree that acted as the border between us and death. i’m curious and also stupid at times and had to be closer so mom being a good mom, followed me with L. we were able to catch ourselves after being pushed around by bushes (poor mom slipped) and took some selfies…man, we could be those unfortunate people who take awesome photos right before their death, eek! i pinky promise we won’t do that again.

IMG_4781 IMG_4789 IMG_4801 IMG_4803 IMG_4811 IMG_4839 IMG_4845 IMG_4872 IMG_4876 IMG_4910 IMG_4911 IMG_4918 IMG_4957IMG_4887

     IMG_3740 IMG_4880

(2003 vs. 2015)

the scenery is a bit different since we forgot to take the photo at the same location


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