NYC//i’ve been waiting for you

a couple of months ago i had a mid-life (but not really) crisis. i had stayed in savannah for the summer which meant i hadn’t been home in seven months, i still had another month to go until i spent three weeks back at home with my family. i was feeling unmotivated despite the efforts to improve my portfolio and i was definitely stuck in a routine i needed a break from. one night i had gotten home from work and i called my mom up and basically had a mental breakdown. i felt like i was stuck. i woke up, sometimes went to work and sometimes i would just sit in my room or in my living room for hours not knowing what to do with myself. of course at the beginning of my summer i had made all these plans to makes/create/design things (what are things?!) to help add and improve my portfolio. well those ideas went down the drain. i started bawling on the phone to my mom (thank you Jesus for giving me a mom willing to sit through my breakdowns!) and was like “i don’t know what to do, i feel like i’m stuck and there’s not a whole lot for me here (savannah can get insanely boring during the summer)”. i can’t say that it wasn’t a pity party or an art student act because it was…just go with the flow!

mom, knowing me the best, suggested traveling since i was already making my way around town (hunting island, charleston, jacksonville, etc.). she provided me with some very good reasons to pick a place 1) i’m on the east coast for heaven’s sake..i could be in another state in the same amount of time i’m traveling to san francisco or somewhere in california and 2) now is the time before you are strapped down after graduation and such. she also knew she couldn’t stop me if i decided to go somewhere. (p.s. God is so good for keeping me safe even as i’m 3,000 miles away from my mom)

again, this is all godsend but i happened to look on jetblue’s site and how can you possibly beat $60 tickets to new york?! well i took leap of faith and booked a round-trip to new york. so if you know me, i’ve never been to new york and i was about to embark my first time there alone. ALONE. looking back, i had way too much confidence to think that i could do this alone. so, before i took anymore steps, i contact my best pal, bailey, told her the situation and asked if she’d like to join…and here we are now, hoping you get the idea. planning has been a lot of work and i can’t say its been easy but somehow, some way everything falls into place. expect more posts on nyc, i’m holding you accountable! (more like i’m holding myself accountable)


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