NYC//day 3: the met, central park, high-end dreaming, eating & more eating

i can’t believe i’ve been in the city that never sleeps for three days! it all still feels like a dream. such a good dream. do nightmares happen in nyc? i’m sure they do, but not this week.

day three. wow can’t believe it. started the morning with some dean & de lucca sandwiches and coffee. our first stop was to the Met museum. i swear, you could walk for hours but still not see half of the museum. we made sure that we saw anna winter’s china: through the looking glass, sculptures and much of the renaissance, impressionist paintings. you need at least 3 days to get through the entire museum.

after the met we walked through central park and practically melted. it was so dang hot and conveniently, bailey and i were both wearing pants. we were able to walk around and find the alice in wonderland statue by the little boats. that was an awesome statue for kids (and adults!) to climb up and down. central park is so never get bored of people watching and lying in the grass in the shade. i see why people fall in love. we saw the boathouse and fountain where 27 dresses, one of my personal favorite movies was filmed.

we are girls so naturally we had to stop by bergdorf goodman and swoon over the couture and things we will never be able to afford. a girl can dream, right? bailey wanted to try the momofuku milk bar so we walked through downtown and found the nearest place. the thing about the cereal milk is that it’s great except that they give you a tiny cup and a whole lot of soft serve…and it’s hot in new york so things melt. i will post a picture down below but don’t be fooled because seconds after i took the photo, it melted all over my hands, clothes and lots of it fell on the ground. (whoever thought to serve in little cups was not thinking..) we walked a bit more through of course. our feet were killing us and we started to get hungry. (in new york you only really eat about two meals & maybe some snacking since it’s go go go). okay so ramen…when do i not crave noodles? we decided to be dedicated customers so we went to the momofuku noodle bar which was more south of our current location. besides the long wait (yes, we understand it was a saturday night) the ramen was so worth it!

we thought it would be fun to explore a little more during the night since strangely enough, it felt safer at night there than it does in savannah. why? i will never know.. we took the metro (ptl for metro cards!) in the direction of washington square park. we weren’t originally panning on going there but it was the best decision and we can’t understand why we thought we didn’t want to go. under the arch there was a man playing piano and his friend singing and engaging with the audience. we love our striving artists! after their well-loved performance, we sat around the fountain and people watch for a good hour and a half. people watching in new york is my favorite. since we were by nyu dorms, there were a handful of college students getting ready for school to start..or more like fitting as much fun as summer comes to an end. music, people watching, talking about life in new york with bailey made me so encouraged to move to the big city. before scad, i was looking at schools in new york and philadelphia. being there in that moment made it feel like anything was possible. i was definitely feeling a wave of inspiration. honestly, this was really a magical experience and i’m down for doing it again.

IMG_5742 IMG_5570 IMG_5681IMG_5513IMG_5697 IMG_5739 IMG_5737 IMG_5687IMG_5678IMG_5672 IMG_5732 IMG_5665 IMG_5727 IMG_5721 IMG_5636 IMG_5621IMG_5591IMG_5649IMG_5736


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