NYC//day 5: the final countdown, the bittersweet ending

day 5. so so sad. it was a dream to begin with; it’s still a dream now. though a dream, there are many stories to be shared, moments to be cherished. i am thankful i got to do both with a friend whom i love. monday, a day no one likes (it’s true) was still a day i cherished.

whether you like it or not, towards an end of a trip, your body starts to feel like it’s going to shut down. it’s put up with all of your adventures and now it’s time to rest.  that’s how our bodies were feeling. we knew there was so much more to see, but you can only do so much in such a big city. we decided it was best if we took it easy, walked/shopped around: a very chill day. so many people recommended going to jack’s wife freida for brunch and they were right! everything was so yummy (their mint lemonade was the I’m definitely going to miss the coffee shops and food there.. then we stopped at some stores, parked ourselves at maman cafe, shopped more and then made our last visit to shake shack at grand central station. for the finale we had to see the city during the night so we went to the top of the rock in the rockefeller center. of course with us being excellent geography students, we must’ve pointed out about 5 brookyln bridges before we actually decided on the right one. i want to say a big THANK YOU to bailey for being our guide. without her knowledge and her phone app’s knowledge, we would have never made it around. thanks bae xD

this trip has definitely taught me a handful of things: there is so much good food out there. it’s okay to do the touristy things because you might miss out on something spectacular, there are dreamy suited men everywhere (even the older & nerdy ones were quite the eye candy), you can find peace & rest even in the city that never sleeps and possibilities and opportunities are endless here. i hope that i will be able to make a trip back there soon as there is still so much to see.

IMG_5802 IMG_5804 IMG_5813 IMG_5863 IMG_5823 IMG_5825 IMG_5865 IMG_5867 IMG_5834 IMG_5868 IMG_5842 IMG_5846 IMG_5851IMG_0123IMG_5869


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