you’ve been written

it’s been a bit since i last wrote.

truth: it’s been a busy time in my life. yesterday i met my future roommate whom i will be living with in brooklyn and i cannot believe how fast time is moving. in a blink of an eye i’ll be in new york running around the city. while i’m thinking about everything that’s been happening, here are some things i’m thankful for:

  • Jesus- he loves us, this we know
  • snuggle weather-it’s been in the high 50’s & low 60’s. beat that savannah!!
  • sisters-who i can be silly with…(and who also make me sign up for zumba. guys, dancing is hard)
  • coffee (mom & i brew two large pots a day) & Trader Joe’s vanilla, cinnamon and black tea (mmm, my favorite!)
  • laughs- laughing about absolutely nothing or in some cases, everything
  • holiday baking (santa isn’t the only one with the belly, ya know..)

there’s definitely a lot to be thankful for. i hope to be a little more productive these upcoming weeks but that’s all for now 🙂


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