NYC//midterm update..get some coffee!

i promise i haven’t deserted you. i’ve just used other forms of networking to document my doings (instagram). i promise you i don’t write essays on there, just snippets of things running through my mind throughout the day. just to caution you, this is going to be a long post full of deepest(ish) apologies and updates so i’d recommend a latte or two.

i have been in the big city now for one month and a week. crazy crazy crazy. looking back, time surely has flown. it’s been so special being here during this time of the year. i’ve gotten to experience the first snowfall & snowstorm, enjoy the company of my very best friends & my mom and explore areas with my wonderful roommates.

my internship keeps me on my toes as expected. fashion week is next week and i couldn’t be more excited/exhausted about it. everyone knows that even during presentation week, things are still up and running. i really like the company i work for, Ulla Johnson. her clothes are beautifully bohemian. definitely check her work out. a typical day of moi (tuesday-friday, 10-6) looks like this:

drag myself out of my couch of a bed | down coffee as if the world is ending || get dressed & pray that i don’t stain whatever i’m wearing with my sexy sweat marks that form throughout the day || begrudgingly walk myself to the subway station & fight off a lot of unemotional\intimidating stares || show up way early (i’ve tried pushing back the time that i leave the house and i still show up early, UGH || walk into the office….the day is pretty much a blur from there || speed walk to the subway station || run home and toss myself onto my couch bed || maybe look at my homework that is due that night || repeat.

interesting, right? also, i didn’t mention that i’m taking an art history class and i’m quite behind because i don’t have enough energy to read many articles about places during the night. i’m about as good as a vegetable. so midterms are a bit of a struggle (i have written this post faster than it has taken me to reread all of the material needed for the midterm…OOPS) however, i am thankful to have a very understanding and helpful professor.

the weather is currently overcast and freezing and will be that way for a bit longer. i do miss the sunshine and warmth (the snowstorm was good enough for me). i can’t wait to not be cold in my apartment anymore (no control of the a/c & heater…sad face).

truthfully, i am having a really good time here. i’m exhausted as heck but i’m getting a taste of the world i so longed to be apart of (if i want this after college is a different story).

thanks for reading!


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