it’s gonna be may…springtime!

bits & bobs from the 912

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

eating because priorities, people:

  • newest discovery…publix’s chocolate cake
  • fruit popsicles because disgusting humidity
  • pineapple
  • bananas
  • fruit themed food = my kind of spring

i threw my kiddos that i babysit a food party and it was the best thing that every happened to us. imagine it: fresh pineapple, apples bananas AND reese’s peanut butter cups (they requested something chocolate-y and who can deny a person that?!)


  • teva sandals & my pee stained white vans (thanks-a-not, new york)…right now comfy triumphs looks but who’s looking anyways?
  • madewell high-waisted, wide leg pants…takes care of the belly & the butt which is always a major + (tmi?? well i don’t care)
  • basic tees…always the best, especially when you want to look like you care but don’t really irl…
  • lots & lots & lots of sunscreen. am i the only one burning here?

it’s been muggy and gross in savannah so it’s time to have backups picked out and ready each day


i drive so much that listening to music is a routine and the radio here kinda really sucks so…no music = grumpy katie

  • the wombats
  • sam burchfield
  • parachute
  • sufjan stevens
  • gallant
  • childish gambino
  • coin
  • the 1975
  • judah & the lion

disclaimer: katie listens to whatever she likes despite people’s opinions

(okay let’s be real, my long playlists can be found on spotify: flowers & showers!) i’ve also been listening to a lot of random but very important artists as well…sixpence none the richer, bon jovi, smashmouth, michael jackson anyone?!


this quarter i’ve been reading a lot (aside from the lengthy textile articles/books). i haven’t done this in a really long time and it has been so refreshing and good. i remember how much i love reading when i’m not being forced to read (*cough cough* history of textiles)

  • Celibate Sex by abbie smith (a sweetheart friend of mine wrote this personal book and it is absolutely beautiful). many of you young, single women will find it very true to the heart and suggest all to read.
  • The Screwtape Letters by c.s. lewis. !!this man is a genius!!
  • Me Before You by jojo moyes
  • Wild & Free: a hope-filled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough by hayley morgan


  • california summers (only 4 more weeks!)//adventuring on the west coast
  • seeing one of my sisters graduate high school (holy crap, i can’t believe this is a thing)
  • visiting colleges with my other sissy (also can’t believe this is a thing)
  • my weaving final-i’ve been idea binning this project since day one
  • not just dreaming but buying flowers. my obsession with flowers is very very real. they are my friends…(ignoring the haters)


  • this quarter has been pretty static with a focus of going to class and working. while it has its moments, God lifts me up and keeps my heart full.
  • anxiety of enrolling for courses both inside and outside of scad is always a battle.
  • due to graduations, school is being cut short & finals arrive a bit early…as well as moving houses. i am always thankful for generous & loving folks.

for kicks & giggles (if you haven’t seen the JT meme, then UGH)

it’s gonna be me-nysync


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