birthday month, Junie!


  • water, water, water because i feel like a dried spongebob if i don’t..
  • avocados with just a lil salt n’ peppa
  • a given but…iced coffee because sometimes water just doesn’t cut it (a cycle really: if water doesn’t cut it, then coffee. if coffee doesn’t cut it, then water)


  • i’m really feeling the 70’s style with the wide leg pants and peasant tops. basically anything flowing and stays far, far away from my body, while still being on my body. in middle school i came up with a theory about running around the world commando (you can personally ask me what it was since i don’t want my mom seeing this. sorry mom). i got many weird looks because of this theory but dangit, i nailed it.
  • long dresses because i hate shorts but i die in my 5 pairs of jeans that i packed
  • activewear. can i just say that they’re a step from sweats but still don’t require zips and ties that regular clothes require?

most summer seasons i feel like a nun because i don’t feel the need to expose any of the b’s (if you don’t already know: boobs, butt, belly, back…i’m okay with back as long as you wash it. please & thank you.) but all of these stores are selling what seems to me bikinis forever. if you also don’t know this about me, i don’t like to tan. i do whether i like to or not, but i do. i walk outside to water the plants, i’m a shade darker. i walk outside to take a picture of my newly bloomed flowers, i’m a shade darker. i walk outside to tell my dad to take out the trash, i’m a shade darker. it’s inevitable whether i like it or not, but purposely exposing myself to the sun with bandages as clothes does not help the situation. am i right? does anyone else struggle to find cool, comfy clothes without feeling like they’re over exposing themselves or having to suffer by wearing longer, warmer clothes?


also another given, roadtrip = hours + hours of music. nothing too new or crazy

  • broods
  • band of horses new songs
  • for any of you spotify users, i’ve been really enjoying the jazz playlists that other users have put together. while they may not be the best roadtrip songs to listen too, they are great for backyard hangs/summer nights
  • cbc savannah podcasts. whenever i miss a sunday (more now because i’m back home), i make sure to listen to the sermon through the church’s podcast and it’s great because you can listen to it anywhere when you need a break from music but hate the silence
  • i’m gonna get real harsh stares for this but..i’ve been listening to my sisters argue for days over mundane things. i may or may not be the cause of some it but that’s completely, 50%, besides the point.

same disclaimer as before: katie listens to whatever she likes despite people’s opinions, HOWEVER, mom and i have very different opinions about this..


it’s only the beginning of the month so i haven’t picked up too many new things. if i’m honest, i’m still reading some of the books i mentioned last month (may was a busy month for many of us).

  • milk & honey by rupi kaur. she’s written about some important subjects
    (some relatable and some not so). i find it inspiring and touching. some of these seem like they could be found on tumblr or whatever but it’s nice to have physical copy to read through. i will say that this isn’t something i would recommend for my 17 year old sister or younglings; there is some adult content that i would rather have my parents explain to me rather than learning it from this book.

good lord, what’s  going to happen when everything is digital. i vote 100% against it.


  • seeing the rest of oregon (we head to portland for the next few days and i can’t wait)
  • of turning 21. seriuosly, 18 is nothing. the best thing about turning 18 was that i could drive legally without having parental supervision…big whoop…maybe i’ll write a post about turning 21. yeah, i’ll probably do that. expect that one for sure.]
  • getting serious, professional (or at least better looking) photos of my work done. i don’t know where to start but i added a few below of my latest work. for being free and taken by my 10 year old sister, they aren’t too bad except that i’m the model, and i’m nowhere near fitting that description. anyways, thanks lydia!


  • safe travels for everyone who is returning home, going to an internship, etc.! 


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