it’s july & i’m like whaaaaa?!

wow i’m super late posting this but here’s what july is looking like for me.


  • still eating those avocados with just a lil salt n’ peppa. mmm. so good!
  • coffee. hot coffee in the morning and iced during the day. (notice i don’t specify how many cups i gulf down a day.)
  • the huge bags of from sam’s club are the bomb. eating those like i eat ice cream…that’s big guys…


  • still wearing jeans like it’s winter. it’s actually been nice enough to wear pants without dying. disclaimer: i don’t get out much so whatever feels comfy at home works.
  • i just developed this obsession with maxi dresses. lol i’m a midget so 98% of the time i trip on them. i haven’t quite found one that i can’t live without but whenever i get the chance to ditch the pants, i’m all in.
  • i will say, i’ll wear jeans to work then the second i get home i throw on my balloon pants or pajama shorts. this girl is all about flowy and far from the skin!


  • ugh, i’m obsessed with this new band (new to me), the ceremonies. it’s a band of three brothers and their friend and are all artists (painters). their music is 80’s new wave nostalgia combined with alternative rock. they don’t have a lot of songs but they have done covers on youtube. their latest original song, lovecaught, has been on repeat a little too much. but what can i say? when i find a good song, i’m a dedicated fan. not to mention, they aren’t terrible to look at. it’s probably just me but whatever.
  • the head and the heart have a new album coming out but their new song, all we ever knew, is just one of those feel-good songs.
  • overplayed? yes. still dancing through the aisles to this? definitely, yes. dude, CAN’T STOP.


maybe it’s because i have been taking three online classes, but i’ve really read nothing else. i love reading but i have to be in the mood, and lately i haven’t been in the mood. oops.


  • there’s two more months of summer break (wowow. times flies by so fast) and there’s much to do. i am moving to another house in sav and i have been pinning non-stop for decorating ideas, food recipes, drink recipes, etc.
  • i have high expectations for senior year and i understand most things don’t pan out like you want them to but i’m going to keep a positive attitude and think realistically about future decisions and plans.


  • for the families who have been affected by the dallas shooting
  • for the families who had to be told that their child was killed in a freak accident
  • there is so much going on in this world right now and it pains me to read the headlines everyday..i don’t like to share my opinions online so i’ll leave that at this: we all need each other, doesn’t matter race, sexuality or religion. like it or not, we all need each other to love, support and protect.

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