mt. hood adventures

today we went driving along the columbia river and crossed a bridge that led us to hood river, washington/oregon. then eventually found another bridge that led us enroute to mt. hood (about 2 hours away from portland) where we made more than enough stops enjoying the beautiful scenery. for a little while i though i was in france because there were lavender fields, cherry orchards and every landscape you could imagine in just one area!

we went to downtown portland yesterday and it was awesome but i can’t say it was my favorite part. i’m definitely falling in love with the surrounding areas but i’m not sure i want to be in the center of it all. i mean, these photos say a lot, right?!


take me along the coast

this weekend the motherlode and her girls decided to head up along the oregon coast (not that we don’t enjoy the california coast). my sisters have never been to oregon and i had been dreaming of heading that way soon (so happy that soon is now rather than later). boy, oregon is quite stunning.

i’ve decided that i could drive through states (i’m the kind of girl up for any adventure) for a living, or at least for a bit of time after graduation next year. i have started keeping tabs of places that could be a potential home after graduation. it may seem silly but i want to visit so many places before really settling down. oregon has been/is on the list of potential possibilities. i must say it’s pretty dreamy, no??

a few more posts on oregon will pop up since i feel guilty crowding my instagram feed with all of the wonderful photos i have been able to snap!

note to self: a ‘see ya again’ to summer

last week of summer. oh dang. the beginning of summer seems to drag on but the end seems to be moving way too fast for anyone’s own good. summer in savannah has been quite the experience. one moment you wish you weren’t there then the minute you leave you swear it otherwise but then you return and it’s back to the beginning. indecisive much? i think yes.

my recent reading of the bible led me to lamentations where the words have played such an important role in my walk with Christ this summer.

through the lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “the lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore i hope in him!” the lord is good to those who wait for him, to the should who seeks him. it is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the lord. it is good for a man to hear the yoke in his youth. –lamentations 3:22-27

i am a restless person and often get anxious thinking about the future. it is hard for me to wait for what is to come but it is he who calms my soul because his mercies are new every morning.

despite the moments of loneliness, doubt and feeling discouraged, a lot of real good things happened this summer. i got to explore the ins and outs of savannah, i got to develop close relationships/make new and wonderful friendships, i got to grow as a person & i got to travel to the city that never sleeps. God has been so good.

can i be honest? junior year sounds scary. as far as i’m concerned, it’s the most important year of your high school/college career. this is the year you decide what you want to focus your time and efforts on; the time where you figure out internship and job opportunities. this is it. i’m nervous and excited at the same time. i want to run away and say i’m done but i also want to stay and see what’s in store. for now i think i’ll stay because i’m halfway there! a note to everyone who’s starting a new chapter in life: you can do it. plain and simple. you’ve gotten this far right?

so summer, it’s never a goodbye…but more of a ‘see ya again’. thanks for being rad (too californian?!)

IMG_5122 IMG_5101

NYC//day 5: the final countdown, the bittersweet ending

day 5. so so sad. it was a dream to begin with; it’s still a dream now. though a dream, there are many stories to be shared, moments to be cherished. i am thankful i got to do both with a friend whom i love. monday, a day no one likes (it’s true) was still a day i cherished.

whether you like it or not, towards an end of a trip, your body starts to feel like it’s going to shut down. it’s put up with all of your adventures and now it’s time to rest.  that’s how our bodies were feeling. we knew there was so much more to see, but you can only do so much in such a big city. we decided it was best if we took it easy, walked/shopped around: a very chill day. so many people recommended going to jack’s wife freida for brunch and they were right! everything was so yummy (their mint lemonade was the I’m definitely going to miss the coffee shops and food there.. then we stopped at some stores, parked ourselves at maman cafe, shopped more and then made our last visit to shake shack at grand central station. for the finale we had to see the city during the night so we went to the top of the rock in the rockefeller center. of course with us being excellent geography students, we must’ve pointed out about 5 brookyln bridges before we actually decided on the right one. i want to say a big THANK YOU to bailey for being our guide. without her knowledge and her phone app’s knowledge, we would have never made it around. thanks bae xD

this trip has definitely taught me a handful of things: there is so much good food out there. it’s okay to do the touristy things because you might miss out on something spectacular, there are dreamy suited men everywhere (even the older & nerdy ones were quite the eye candy), you can find peace & rest even in the city that never sleeps and possibilities and opportunities are endless here. i hope that i will be able to make a trip back there soon as there is still so much to see.

IMG_5802 IMG_5804 IMG_5813 IMG_5863 IMG_5823 IMG_5825 IMG_5865 IMG_5867 IMG_5834 IMG_5868 IMG_5842 IMG_5846 IMG_5851IMG_0123IMG_5869

NYC//day 4: brooklyn flea, bridge & dancing in times square

another day filled with much walking, panting and sweating! not kidding but not complaining because hey, i’m in new york. we wanted to meet up with bailey’s old roommate, marisa who had moved to the big city after she graduated scad so we headed to brooklyn to start our day. she was in church during the morning so since it was early with a big day ahead of us, we naturally gravitated to a coffee shop. we found toby’s estate coffee which was probably one of my favorite coffee shops because 1) their coffee was good and 2) they had these long wooden tables that were uhh-mazing. i’m a sucker for those wood tables! after we scarfed down the coffee, we decided that it wasn’t enough so we each got another cup to start the day. (this is really funny because it reminds us of when we were heading back to savannah from nashville and we stopped at barista parlor, also our favorite coffee shop, and stocked up on about 24 oz. each of their coffee)

we had time to spare so we walked around town and shopped because. there was an indoor/outdoor market so we found ourselves a bookstore, spoonbill & sugartowpn books, inc. this was a small store that had a mixture of children books, notebooks and a large variety of art books. i could’ve stayed in there for hours flipping through beautifullly curated books about artists, design, life and a little bit of everything. i’m also a sucker for frankie, kinfolk, darling, oh comely, and pretty much every independent publisher. picked myself a copy of each because not only are they super educating and inspiring, they make great coffee table reads!

we met up with marisa and ate brunch at juliette which is also a great place food wise and aesthetically. lots and lots of plants hanging from the ceiling and chalkboard walks with fun type. mmm mmm good. i had their croque monsieur and boy that was delicious. thanks to marissa, we were able to walk to the brooklyn flea and eat some nummy popsicles from people’s pops. later that day we parted our ways and headed towards the brooklyn bridge. no where in our plans said that we were going to bike across the bridge. not only did we bike across the bridge in 15 minutes, we were both in dresses! that was the most liberating, scary, exciting experience ever. the beginning was rough as we had just walked a good distance and the bike was a bit shaky. it was scary because i didn’t want to stop in case i were to get in an accident with crazy bikers/walking tourists not paying attention. poor bailey, she kind of got lost in the dust as my adrenaline was rising and once i started pedaling, couldn’t stop. fortunately, we were able to stop in the middle and snap a few photos to prove that we had actually biked across the bridge.

since bailey saw her roommate, it was my turn to see mine. if you don’t know her, you should check out her amazing blog. esther mentioned meeting up at the silent disco held in times square. at first bailey and i were very confused not understand the concept of a disco being silent. it’s okay everyone; it’s an experience everyone should have. it’s free and basically you get a set of chunky headphones with three stations (there are three live dj’s cranking out the music) and then start dancing. the concept is so simple yet you get the best out of it. it was great to see all kinds of people coming together, forgetting our troubles and just dancing it out. that was probably the best 3 hour workout a girl could’ve gotten (at least, i know i did). as i assume you know, so much sweating…so much.

after some more goodbyes (but not really because i’ll see esther back in savannah!) we were in search of food! where we stayed in upper east village, there is a smaller pond of restaurants so we had to walk a ways before finding the place. we picked sushi but on the way there it started pouring! as you imagine, we were not prepared wearing our dresses, sandals, frolicking around.. obviously we had to start running and pray that we don’t miss our turn or better yet, slip down the hill. thankfully, we found our place a gobbled up so more delicious food.

after the day we were so exhausted. we had really pushed our bodies with walking, biking, and dancing so were were quite sore and felt like old broken people as we walked up the two flights of stairs up to our apartment. but wow, such a good day blessed with the best kinds of friends.

IMG_0081 IMG_0087 IMG_0088 IMG_0092 IMG_0102 IMG_0104 IMG_5755 IMG_5758 IMG_5768 IMG_5770 IMG_5783 IMG_5784 IMG_0121

NYC//day 3: the met, central park, high-end dreaming, eating & more eating

i can’t believe i’ve been in the city that never sleeps for three days! it all still feels like a dream. such a good dream. do nightmares happen in nyc? i’m sure they do, but not this week.

day three. wow can’t believe it. started the morning with some dean & de lucca sandwiches and coffee. our first stop was to the Met museum. i swear, you could walk for hours but still not see half of the museum. we made sure that we saw anna winter’s china: through the looking glass, sculptures and much of the renaissance, impressionist paintings. you need at least 3 days to get through the entire museum.

after the met we walked through central park and practically melted. it was so dang hot and conveniently, bailey and i were both wearing pants. we were able to walk around and find the alice in wonderland statue by the little boats. that was an awesome statue for kids (and adults!) to climb up and down. central park is so never get bored of people watching and lying in the grass in the shade. i see why people fall in love. we saw the boathouse and fountain where 27 dresses, one of my personal favorite movies was filmed.

we are girls so naturally we had to stop by bergdorf goodman and swoon over the couture and things we will never be able to afford. a girl can dream, right? bailey wanted to try the momofuku milk bar so we walked through downtown and found the nearest place. the thing about the cereal milk is that it’s great except that they give you a tiny cup and a whole lot of soft serve…and it’s hot in new york so things melt. i will post a picture down below but don’t be fooled because seconds after i took the photo, it melted all over my hands, clothes and lots of it fell on the ground. (whoever thought to serve in little cups was not thinking..) we walked a bit more through of course. our feet were killing us and we started to get hungry. (in new york you only really eat about two meals & maybe some snacking since it’s go go go). okay so ramen…when do i not crave noodles? we decided to be dedicated customers so we went to the momofuku noodle bar which was more south of our current location. besides the long wait (yes, we understand it was a saturday night) the ramen was so worth it!

we thought it would be fun to explore a little more during the night since strangely enough, it felt safer at night there than it does in savannah. why? i will never know.. we took the metro (ptl for metro cards!) in the direction of washington square park. we weren’t originally panning on going there but it was the best decision and we can’t understand why we thought we didn’t want to go. under the arch there was a man playing piano and his friend singing and engaging with the audience. we love our striving artists! after their well-loved performance, we sat around the fountain and people watch for a good hour and a half. people watching in new york is my favorite. since we were by nyu dorms, there were a handful of college students getting ready for school to start..or more like fitting as much fun as summer comes to an end. music, people watching, talking about life in new york with bailey made me so encouraged to move to the big city. before scad, i was looking at schools in new york and philadelphia. being there in that moment made it feel like anything was possible. i was definitely feeling a wave of inspiration. honestly, this was really a magical experience and i’m down for doing it again.

IMG_5742 IMG_5570 IMG_5681IMG_5513IMG_5697 IMG_5739 IMG_5737 IMG_5687IMG_5678IMG_5672 IMG_5732 IMG_5665 IMG_5727 IMG_5721 IMG_5636 IMG_5621IMG_5591IMG_5649IMG_5736