the three a’s of awesome

here’s a ted talk that i recently watched for my psychology class. it’s a good reminder how blessed you and i are!

video found here.

also i’ve been a little m.i.a. and i’m sorry about that. yesterday i started working and i’ve been thankful for the hours given but boy, each shifts wears me out. i come home and can only think about sleep. my classes are beginning to wrap up and i’m very happy about that. how’s your summer been going?


june links

some links to finish off the month of june ((time has flown by)):

an ode to a summer dress

Bill Cunningham, legendary fashion photographer dies at 87

been looking for the perfect boater hat and i think i found it here (straw version) and here (felt version)! if you aren’t located in australia and don’t love the international shipping costs, brixton supply co. has great options (i have their magdelena hat and i can’t wait to get more)!

because beach life is the best life!

a small reminder that it’s okay when others succeed..i find this so relevant for me.

50% off ALL SALE items at anthropologie!!

sutton foster admits to her gilmore girls crush and i don’t blame her at all

what’s going to happen when britain decides to leave the european union here. very interesting read.


21 things

yesterday I turned 21. honestly, it felt like another day but with more baggage. and when i mean baggage, i mean the ones that rest under your eyes, you know? yesterday I became more legal than i was when i turned 18 (??). a person learns a lot in their lifetime and here’s a few things i’ve learned in my wee little life.

what am i doing with my hands?

21 things I’ve learned (order not in any significance):

1. the 20’s are a vulnerable period of your life. it is also the most exciting part of your life. learn to enjoy every season. i think many can agree that this is hard and it takes a few slaps on the face or enough dumps in the pit to realize the beauty of it.
2. dance, laugh and sing because those are when the memories are made. the best kind of laughing is when you’re crawling on the ground because the only position you can be in is that of a four legged animal.
3. life is full of disappointment, but don’t let it get you down. you’re going to get hurt. don’t worry, you’re most likely riding the same roller coaster as someone else. safety tip: be sure to check that your seatbelt is on real tight and i mean like so tight that you’re only half suffocating. okay that’s a little extreme but i say that from the bottom of my heart.
4. a person’s action speak more than their words. so basic but so true..i’m guilty
5. do it for you, not for others. but be respectful of others.
6. treat others as you treat yourself.
7. also, treat yo’self. the best thing you can do for you is take care of yourself. i hate reading self-care books but i know that they all have one thing in common and that is knowing your worth.
8. be open to ideas. Sometimes people have the same great ideas as you…and sometimes they don’t and they’re just as stupid as some of yours..
9. agree to disagree (mom can vouch on this one). no person is made the same, thank the Lord!!
10. you plant a seed in one’s life everyday without even knowing. surprise! you are influencing others in so many ways.
11. fight for what you believe in. We need more people doing it, but please, have decency.
12. God wants you to fear him but he also wants you to trust him. He’s the real deal y’all!!
13. life’s too short to be normal, buy the teenage mutant ninja turtle shirt (pretty rad purchase if i say so myself) or the leopard print tightie wighties (no one can see them anyways!).
14. it’s okay to cry, even if you look like a freakin’ monster. it means you’re human and you’re probably the ugliest crier but it’s okay..
15. when food doesn’t satisfy, go on a walk/drive. fresh air seems to do the trick. just don’t loose your keys AND check for the weather.
16. be the bigger person. if you see something, say something!!
17. invest in someone who wants to invest in you. if it’s a way one street, say “adios amigo!” you tried and that’s what counts.
18. if someone tells you you’re crazy, smile or laugh it off. kill ’em with kindness (& besides, you already know you’re crazy)
19. suck it up and just do it. there are going to be countless things you don’t want to do. unfortunately the world keeps spinning whether you like it or not.
20. you’re aren’t going to be best buds with everyone but it’s nice to know that someone cares about you.
21. travel. heck, travel by yourself. when you get in your comfort zone, you’re missing out on all of what the world is offering you. like i said earlier, make sure you don’t loose your keys and that you have enough gas to trek up that mountain.

of course i have more to add but that’s for next year. hope this helps or inspires you to try a few of these out 🙂


birthday month, Junie!


  • water, water, water because i feel like a dried spongebob if i don’t..
  • avocados with just a lil salt n’ peppa
  • a given but…iced coffee because sometimes water just doesn’t cut it (a cycle really: if water doesn’t cut it, then coffee. if coffee doesn’t cut it, then water)


  • i’m really feeling the 70’s style with the wide leg pants and peasant tops. basically anything flowing and stays far, far away from my body, while still being on my body. in middle school i came up with a theory about running around the world commando (you can personally ask me what it was since i don’t want my mom seeing this. sorry mom). i got many weird looks because of this theory but dangit, i nailed it.
  • long dresses because i hate shorts but i die in my 5 pairs of jeans that i packed
  • activewear. can i just say that they’re a step from sweats but still don’t require zips and ties that regular clothes require?

most summer seasons i feel like a nun because i don’t feel the need to expose any of the b’s (if you don’t already know: boobs, butt, belly, back…i’m okay with back as long as you wash it. please & thank you.) but all of these stores are selling what seems to me bikinis forever. if you also don’t know this about me, i don’t like to tan. i do whether i like to or not, but i do. i walk outside to water the plants, i’m a shade darker. i walk outside to take a picture of my newly bloomed flowers, i’m a shade darker. i walk outside to tell my dad to take out the trash, i’m a shade darker. it’s inevitable whether i like it or not, but purposely exposing myself to the sun with bandages as clothes does not help the situation. am i right? does anyone else struggle to find cool, comfy clothes without feeling like they’re over exposing themselves or having to suffer by wearing longer, warmer clothes?


also another given, roadtrip = hours + hours of music. nothing too new or crazy

  • broods
  • band of horses new songs
  • for any of you spotify users, i’ve been really enjoying the jazz playlists that other users have put together. while they may not be the best roadtrip songs to listen too, they are great for backyard hangs/summer nights
  • cbc savannah podcasts. whenever i miss a sunday (more now because i’m back home), i make sure to listen to the sermon through the church’s podcast and it’s great because you can listen to it anywhere when you need a break from music but hate the silence
  • i’m gonna get real harsh stares for this but..i’ve been listening to my sisters argue for days over mundane things. i may or may not be the cause of some it but that’s completely, 50%, besides the point.

same disclaimer as before: katie listens to whatever she likes despite people’s opinions, HOWEVER, mom and i have very different opinions about this..


it’s only the beginning of the month so i haven’t picked up too many new things. if i’m honest, i’m still reading some of the books i mentioned last month (may was a busy month for many of us).

  • milk & honey by rupi kaur. she’s written about some important subjects
    (some relatable and some not so). i find it inspiring and touching. some of these seem like they could be found on tumblr or whatever but it’s nice to have physical copy to read through. i will say that this isn’t something i would recommend for my 17 year old sister or younglings; there is some adult content that i would rather have my parents explain to me rather than learning it from this book.

good lord, what’s  going to happen when everything is digital. i vote 100% against it.


  • seeing the rest of oregon (we head to portland for the next few days and i can’t wait)
  • of turning 21. seriuosly, 18 is nothing. the best thing about turning 18 was that i could drive legally without having parental supervision…big whoop…maybe i’ll write a post about turning 21. yeah, i’ll probably do that. expect that one for sure.]
  • getting serious, professional (or at least better looking) photos of my work done. i don’t know where to start but i added a few below of my latest work. for being free and taken by my 10 year old sister, they aren’t too bad except that i’m the model, and i’m nowhere near fitting that description. anyways, thanks lydia!


  • safe travels for everyone who is returning home, going to an internship, etc.! 

you beautiful human being, you’ve got this!!

yes you…you’ve got this. sometimes you just need someone telling you this in reminder that, yes, you can do it!!

whether it be finals, art shows, graduation, job/internship hunting, etc. you’ve got this. and you know why? because you’ve got God on your side. while we may feel all the anxieties of the world, over and over he tells us to be anxious in nothing but in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving (Phil 4:6). God wants you know that he will always be your right-hand man! yes, whether we believe it or not, he really really cares about you and wants to help. it is up to us make these requests known.

there are going to be seasons of life where we are full of life and others where we are hungry in a dry and deserted land but jee whiz, we can do ALL things in Christ (Phil 4:13). can I get a two thumbs up AND and an amen?!? everytime I come across the scripture I am constantly blown away by God’s glory. I promise you, the ride may be far from smooth but it is so worth it.

Call a sister if you need some cheering up, ridiculous laughs or even a food delivery, yes I deliver. we all need each other (more importantly, we need Him) to get to the end.

“these things I have spoken to you, that in me you may have peace. in the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

*i feel like I’m leading an exercise class because I’m so pumped up despite upcoming activities that may or may cost my insanity. or maybe I just had one too many slices of cake?

fun tune for the day (…remind you of a scene from the office?!)

it’s gonna be may…springtime!

bits & bobs from the 912

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

eating because priorities, people:

  • newest discovery…publix’s chocolate cake
  • fruit popsicles because disgusting humidity
  • pineapple
  • bananas
  • fruit themed food = my kind of spring

i threw my kiddos that i babysit a food party and it was the best thing that every happened to us. imagine it: fresh pineapple, apples bananas AND reese’s peanut butter cups (they requested something chocolate-y and who can deny a person that?!)


  • teva sandals & my pee stained white vans (thanks-a-not, new york)…right now comfy triumphs looks but who’s looking anyways?
  • madewell high-waisted, wide leg pants…takes care of the belly & the butt which is always a major + (tmi?? well i don’t care)
  • basic tees…always the best, especially when you want to look like you care but don’t really irl…
  • lots & lots & lots of sunscreen. am i the only one burning here?

it’s been muggy and gross in savannah so it’s time to have backups picked out and ready each day


i drive so much that listening to music is a routine and the radio here kinda really sucks so…no music = grumpy katie

  • the wombats
  • sam burchfield
  • parachute
  • sufjan stevens
  • gallant
  • childish gambino
  • coin
  • the 1975
  • judah & the lion

disclaimer: katie listens to whatever she likes despite people’s opinions

(okay let’s be real, my long playlists can be found on spotify: flowers & showers!) i’ve also been listening to a lot of random but very important artists as well…sixpence none the richer, bon jovi, smashmouth, michael jackson anyone?!


this quarter i’ve been reading a lot (aside from the lengthy textile articles/books). i haven’t done this in a really long time and it has been so refreshing and good. i remember how much i love reading when i’m not being forced to read (*cough cough* history of textiles)

  • Celibate Sex by abbie smith (a sweetheart friend of mine wrote this personal book and it is absolutely beautiful). many of you young, single women will find it very true to the heart and suggest all to read.
  • The Screwtape Letters by c.s. lewis. !!this man is a genius!!
  • Me Before You by jojo moyes
  • Wild & Free: a hope-filled anthem for the woman who feels she is both too much and never enough by hayley morgan


  • california summers (only 4 more weeks!)//adventuring on the west coast
  • seeing one of my sisters graduate high school (holy crap, i can’t believe this is a thing)
  • visiting colleges with my other sissy (also can’t believe this is a thing)
  • my weaving final-i’ve been idea binning this project since day one
  • not just dreaming but buying flowers. my obsession with flowers is very very real. they are my friends…(ignoring the haters)


  • this quarter has been pretty static with a focus of going to class and working. while it has its moments, God lifts me up and keeps my heart full.
  • anxiety of enrolling for courses both inside and outside of scad is always a battle.
  • due to graduations, school is being cut short & finals arrive a bit early…as well as moving houses. i am always thankful for generous & loving folks.

for kicks & giggles (if you haven’t seen the JT meme, then UGH)

it’s gonna be me-nysync

NYC//midterm update..get some coffee!

i promise i haven’t deserted you. i’ve just used other forms of networking to document my doings (instagram). i promise you i don’t write essays on there, just snippets of things running through my mind throughout the day. just to caution you, this is going to be a long post full of deepest(ish) apologies and updates so i’d recommend a latte or two.

i have been in the big city now for one month and a week. crazy crazy crazy. looking back, time surely has flown. it’s been so special being here during this time of the year. i’ve gotten to experience the first snowfall & snowstorm, enjoy the company of my very best friends & my mom and explore areas with my wonderful roommates.

my internship keeps me on my toes as expected. fashion week is next week and i couldn’t be more excited/exhausted about it. everyone knows that even during presentation week, things are still up and running. i really like the company i work for, Ulla Johnson. her clothes are beautifully bohemian. definitely check her work out. a typical day of moi (tuesday-friday, 10-6) looks like this:

drag myself out of my couch of a bed | down coffee as if the world is ending || get dressed & pray that i don’t stain whatever i’m wearing with my sexy sweat marks that form throughout the day || begrudgingly walk myself to the subway station & fight off a lot of unemotional\intimidating stares || show up way early (i’ve tried pushing back the time that i leave the house and i still show up early, UGH || walk into the office….the day is pretty much a blur from there || speed walk to the subway station || run home and toss myself onto my couch bed || maybe look at my homework that is due that night || repeat.

interesting, right? also, i didn’t mention that i’m taking an art history class and i’m quite behind because i don’t have enough energy to read many articles about places during the night. i’m about as good as a vegetable. so midterms are a bit of a struggle (i have written this post faster than it has taken me to reread all of the material needed for the midterm…OOPS) however, i am thankful to have a very understanding and helpful professor.

the weather is currently overcast and freezing and will be that way for a bit longer. i do miss the sunshine and warmth (the snowstorm was good enough for me). i can’t wait to not be cold in my apartment anymore (no control of the a/c & heater…sad face).

truthfully, i am having a really good time here. i’m exhausted as heck but i’m getting a taste of the world i so longed to be apart of (if i want this after college is a different story).

thanks for reading!