smiling is a good look

hi my name is katie and i like to smile. and laugh. a lot. at work i’ll just randomly start laughing and i look pretty ridiculous (i mean imagine looking at a girl at a register all alone laughing at herself, quite the sight, eh?) honestly, i don’t care. sometimes you have to make your own jokes when everyone else is being serious. like my customers (and pretty much everyone else) say, ‘life is too short to take it serious’!

shirt: Urban Outfitters//shorts: Old Navy//headband: Urban Outfitters


i put a hat on and took my cat outside

and took a picture for y’allIMG_9371.jpg

on my days off i get super lazy (since i don’t really do much) and ditch the makeup. like most girls, i don’t consider my natural face my best look, but i’m never against ditching my layers for a day or two. i personally like this photo which is quite unusual but it totally describes my relationship with lucy. i like that cat like crazy…sometimes it makes me emotional…eep!

dress: Old Navy//hat: Thrifted