1. do you really have time to have a blog?

yes and no. yes because i like writing about things running through my mind but can’t/shouldn’t be share out loud. no because i’m always on the bridge between lazy and motivated.

2. what are you majoring/minoring in? and what school?

i am majoring in fibers and minoring in business at savannah college of art and design. i’ve been thinking about getting my masters. please don’t ask what in because it’s still in progress.

3. why did you choose art school?

i’ve always been influenced by the arts. both of my parents were graphic designers and encouraged me and my sisters to pursue art in some way. whether it be drawing, school bands, crafts, painting (you name it) art was always in our blood system. i hate to sound like everyone else but i was always seeing things differently from my friends. an eye for design? quite so.

4. why of all places did you choose Georgia?

i know it sounds crazy (..and it probably is since i had never been to the east coast) but my dream is to one day end up in new york. knowing the budget i’d be living on there and how crazy it would be just to show up without ever visiting before would’ve been crazy ridiculous. yes, moving to the south was crazy ridiculous, but i wanted to start small (scad is still big, nonetheless) and i pray to God that after graduation i can find something in New York.

UPDATED: i moved to new york for three months for an internship and i loved/hated it. (blog post about it? possible.)

5. what’s your favorite color?

teal and coral!

6. favorite pattern combination?

stripes and floral all the way!

7. what do you use to take pictures?

most photos are taken with my iPhone. i bought a very expensive camera freshman year and ditched it halfway through.

8. can i contact you?

of course! i’d love to chat away with you 🙂

9. where else can i find you?

instagramtumblr  & pinterest & behance


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